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About Premises Liability

Going to school or visiting a friend is always fun. But when property owners fail to maintain their land, the door is left wide open for you to suffer a slip and fall or other traumatic injury. These premises liability injuries usually lead to extended hospital stays and therapy appointments. Don’t be fooled. Negligent owners can be held responsible and a premises liability lawyer can help you.

Our premises liability lawyers may be able to recover damages based on your injuries and pain and suffering.

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Premises liability law varies from state to state. In some states, premises liability law focuses on the status of the visitor. Or whether the person was legally on the property. In other states, the focus is on the condition of the property and the activities of the owner and visitor. The owner will be faulted if he knew of a dangerous condition and did nothing to fix it, causing the visitor’s injury.

A premises liability lawyer can fully explain your state’s laws.

Types of premises liability cases:

  • Personal injuries
  • Slip and fall personal injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Animal and dog bites
  • Wrongful death

It’s important to speak with a premises liability lawyer near you who can inform you of your rights.

Premises Liability Hot Topics:

  • Visitor’s legal status
  • State premises liability law
  • Premises liability and trespassers
  • Children and premises liability
  • Premises liability and tenants

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